1.UMVIM is an approved United Methodist ministry.

2. The mission projects are vetted and screened.

3. Volunteer teams can continue their relationship with the project site they served at via The Advance and missionaries.

4. All are welcome to serve.

5. Training, forms, insurance, etc. available

6. It's simple. Contact umvimwj@hotmail.com to get started!

Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Thursday, September 18, 2014



1. Kenya, December 31, 2014 - January 19, 2015. Team Leader Debbie Welden is seeking additional members for her mission to Kenya. They will be working with their partners in-country to convert a school classroom into a library, as well as following up on ongoing clean water projects. The cost is $4,400, and the only skill required is a willingness to participate. For additional information, please contact Debbie at deborah.welden@gmail.com.

2. Applications for the 2015 Global Mission Fellow program are now available online. These are the long term mission opportunities for ages 20-30. Through the Global Mission Fellows program, you can serve internationally (International Track) or in the United States (US-2 Track) for a duration of 2 years.

It's encouraged that the application be completed prior to October 15, so you can interview in November allowing priority placement to begin service in August 2015. Please see www.umcmission.org for more information on how to apply.

3. Bahamas Methodist Habitat is looking for an After School Coordinator and Spring and Fall Semester Volunteers. Please check out www.methodisthabitat.org for more information.

4. A reminder of volunteer needs - assessors and teams - in Colorado from the 2013 floods: Please check out www.rmcumccoloradoflood.com.  United Methodist Recovery Projec.

5.  NICARAGUA, Dec 1-12, 2014. It's now fall and we know what is around the corner! But also around the corner are chances to go to sunny Nicaragua with an ISLA group! Included is a unique Dec. 1-12, 2014 trip "Natural Health & Cultural Context" that uses the backdrop of La Purisima holidays to also explore alternative or complementary medicine programs in a developing country. We'll be traveling to some different places in Nicaragua, including the island of Ometepe, and spending time at a rural clinic with Natural Doctors International, all for the same low trip price of $1,450 plus airfare. Give us a call at 612-819-8877. Spread the word! 

6. March 4-16, 2015. Ubuntu to Cambodia, led by Roberta Eddy, W OH Conference. Ubuntu Journeys are for women only! Contact Roberta Eddy, Shawnee Valley District, Mission Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, 740-851-5243.

7. August 4-17, 2015, Ubuntu to Cameroon, led by Marcia Florkey, W OH Conference. For additional information, contact team leader Marcia Florkey, Deaconess, 937-232-6990. 

8.   The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum—September 21-27: The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) of the World Council of Churches invites member churches, faith-based communities, and civil society organizations around the world.  The event will be observed September 21-27 with the theme of “Let my people go!” Please check out www.umcmission.org for resources and ways to observe this week.

9. Jim Truitt, PNW UMVIM Disaster Response Coordinator, extends "an invitation to the younger generation to reach out and help the people who need our help the most." — with David Valera and Jim Truitt.  Check out the following link to see the video

Keeping up with insurance industry standards, Seven Corners is increasing the price of insurance by $0.05 per day.This means $0.35 to $0.50 per average journey. This increase will take effect as of Wednesday, October 1, 2014.  For more information and/or to apply to receive insurance for your UMVIM team, please visit www.umvimnej.org.  Please remember that Global Ministries no longer offers accident insurance to short-term volunteer teams.  You may now apply and receive insurance for your UMVIM team from the Northeast, Southeast or NorthCentral UMVIM Jurisidictional offices.
Your life can be changed by volunteering in mission. Become an individual volunteer. The opportunities for volunteers are diverse, including such positions as case managers for refugees, teachers, pastors, camp directors, children and youth assistants, and health care administrators and practitioners. The length of service is a minimum of two months and can extend to two years or more.
October 22-26 2014 National Christian Conference Center near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Nearest airport – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania International
- See more at: http://www.umcmission.org/Get-Involved/Volunteer-Opportunities/Types-of-Volunteers/Individual-Volunteers/Orientation-and-Training-Schedule#sthash.q4bhYFzc.dpuf

Friday, September 5, 2014



100 days, 189 volunteers and 21,000+ volunteer hours later we will hand over the keys to all our houses in Galena today! All of the houses are complete with the exception of one window that required special handling. It will be installed by the State of Alaska when it arrives in Galena. The homeowners can begin moving in.

Jim Truitt
UMVIM Disaster Response Coordinator
PNW Conference United Methodist Church

253-797-1680 (C)


Bill Sanford and Chris Spencer served as the UMVIM Conference Coordinators for the Desert Southwest Conference and did an amazing job!!!  UMVIM WJ would not be
the same withought their passionate efforts, experience, and skills over these last several years.  We will miss them as part of the UMVIM WJ team and trust that God
will continue to use them in mighty ways. 

UMVIM WJ welcomes Jen and Victor Hammond to the UMVIM WJ teams as the new UMVIM Conference Coordinators for the Desert Southwest Conference.  We
look forward to serving with them.  Please give them a shout out to say hello and welcome them aboard.  Their contact information is:

Victor and Jen Hammond
Desert Southwest Conference
UMVIM Coordinators
Victor – 520-424-6821
Jen – 520-431-9590

Thank you to all who have contact me and sorry for the delayed response.  As you all know,
we had an earthquake here in Northern California early Sunday morning. 
This 6.0 magnitude earthquake caused hundreds of injuries and extensive damage in Napa, CA.  For all of us in our roles as volunteer leaders, we started thinking about how to help and if we might soon be putting together volunteer teams headed to Napa.  At this time we do not expect to deploy any of our conference ERT volunteers or issue a request for any from outside the California-Nevada conference. 
The hardest hit area was Napa and I accompanied Norm Harden, our conference
Disaster Response Coordinator, to Napa Sunday afternoon to get a first-hand view of the situation. The community had already rallied and cleanup was already well under way.  Damage reports are still coming in and there over 100 buildings that were "red tagged", including First United Methodist Church in Napa.  There is a lot of cleanup needed at this church but they are prepared to handle this locally themselves and do not at this time request we send any teams to help them.  We have been in close contact with other pastors in the area and conference leadership and we do not know of any needs for volunteer help.  We have also been in close contact with UMCOR and they are standby to respond in assistance.
There is a lot of repair and rebuilding work ahead, but it too early to know if there are future needs where volunteers for UMVIM teams might be appropriate. 


As of August 25, UMVIM will no longer provide insurance to any volunteer or team going into any and all countries with active Ebola cases. According to the World Health Organization, in the last 5 months there have been 1,350 deaths due to the Ebola virus, which continues to spread in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, with 221 new cases reported just between August 17-19, and there are now cases as far south as Congo.

For several reasons, it has been difficult to control the spread of Ebola, including the increased disbelief of the people living in this region, and the lack of compliance with the advice of health workers and government sanctions, as they are in contradiction to many of their cultural practices. Liberia’s President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has imposed a nationwide curfew and quarantined communities, and many have retaliated with violence.

It is difficult to determine what will happen with the Ebola Outbreak and where it might spread. If there are any active cases in in the country prior to your departure time, we recommend rescheduling for a later date. When the time is right to plan mission travel into these countries again, here are a few suggestions of what to discuss with your team as you prepare to leave:

1. Discuss with your team what you would do if you were quarantined and whether the potential risk is worth what you can possibly wait and do later in 2015 after this disease has been controlled.

2. Discuss with your partners in West Africa what precautions are being made regarding the Ebola Outbreak for persons in your destination country and those coming into the country.

3. When you do go, please register with the U.S. State Department's
STEP program and contact the Embassy directly in your destination country to let them know of your plans to bring a group of volunteers there. Provide them with where you will be and what you will be doing. Ask them if they have any advice regarding your travel there and what type of assistance could they provide if you encountered any problems.

4. Leave information with the church and someone who has connections perhaps with your US senator in case you were to need them to assist you.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Firefighters are finally containing the massive Carlton Complex Fires in Eastern Washington (52% contained as of Thursday, July 24th). The other wildfires burning near Chelan, north of Wenatchee, and south of Cheney are also being contained. Thanks be to God . . . and thanks be to the firefighters!
Photo courtesy of the Washington State National Guard, by SFC Jason Kriess.

As the firefighters begin to stand-down and rest up for the next fire, the communities affected by the fires begin to seek relief and recovery. Hardest hit was the community of Pateros. Our Conference Associate Lay Leader, David Reinholz, posted a great report on the situation in Pateros yesterday. If you haven't read David's report and looked at the pictures he took, I urge you to do so.

Also hard hit was the Methow Valley, where the destruction was more widespread, the towns of Twisp and Winthrop being spared from a direct encounter with the fires. Throughout the more than 250,000 acres burned by the fire the power is out. Restoring power is one of the highest priorities of emergency managers.

Bahamas Methodist Habitat is looking for some Fall and Spring Semester Interns! We are looking for someone to help run teams, work in the office, and help with after school. If you or someone you know might be interested please email Brenda at methodisthabitat@gmail.com.


The General Board of Global Ministry seeks experienced volunteer to support agricultural work, manage finances NEW YORK CITY (GBGM) - Una Jones, Assistant General Secretary for Mission Volunteers at the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, recently issued an urgent appeal for volunteers to help fill the ministry gap left by the death of Tshala Mwengo (in an April car accident) until more permanent help is secured. There is a need for an experienced individual to support the agricultural work and manage the finances of the Mujila Falls project in Zambia. Interested volunteers available for three-to-six month short-term assignments can contact Una Jones at ujones@umcmission.org.


Please be informed on information from the CDC regarding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. This is the largest outbreak in history and they are working hard but struggling to contain it. The CDC has urged that no unessential travel occur to Seirra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. Here is a link to this "Level 3" Warning: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/warning/ebola-liberia. Note that there are only three warning levels used by the CDC (http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices) and this is the one urging the highest caution. Please be sure to keep your teams scheduled to travel to these areas or even near these areas within the next 6 months posted--share this information.


The current immigration crisis involving  adults, accompanied minors, and unaccompanied minors crossing into the U.S. along our Southwest border has been labeled a humanitarian disaster.

UMCOR’s has responded by supporting the conferences most affected with grant funds for hospitality, material supplies where needed, and collaboration with our ecumenical and governmental partners.

In the U.S.,  UMCOR always works on invitation of the episcopal leadership of the Annual Conference that has been affected by a disaster. In this instance, UMCOR has released emergency grants of $10,000 to the Southwest TX and Desert South West conferences upon request of Bishop Dorff and Bishop Hoshibata.

UMCOR is currently engaged in grant discussions for ongoing coordination of relief services for the areas of McAllen, Laredo, Brownsville , and Nogales.   Bishop Dorff  announced the appointment of Rev. Javier Leyva to oversee the coordination of Immigration ministry response for SWTX conference  - a position that will be supported with UMCOR grant funds.  The Holdings Institute – a UMW property –   within SWTX has been meeting the hospitality needs of immigrant arrivals in their area and will become part of a response plan with SWTX.  UMCOR is in discussion with the WJ Council of Bishops about ongoing coordination needs for the entire region including the Methodist conferences on the Mexican side of the border.

UMCOR has supported the Mexican Border Ministry Network (16 sites)  in the past with grants for blankets, socks, and medical supplies.  The MBMN  and the neighboring churches have been providing hospitality for the persons who have been processed through Immigration and then released to appear at  a later date.  The individuals (sometimes with children) are being dropped at bus stations and mission centers without notification to  the regional groups or physical resources to continue their journey.  UMCOR will be supporting these ministries through conference grants.  A delivery of 18,000 health kits was recently released in the areas of McAllen, Laredo, and Brownsville to help support the hospitality needs of those arriving.

UMCOR has been in continuing conversation with FEMA, ICE, DHS, HHS, and the White House Office for Faith-based initiatives to get greater access and insights to the processing of arriving immigrants to be able to provide needed services.  UMCOR will continue to support the faith groups in the area so that they are able to assist and offer hospitality.  At this time, the conferences are not asking for any outside assistance or donations of supplies from outside their region. UMCOR will work with them on the possibility of teams coming to assist to provide respite for the local church hospitality teams who have been tireless in their work. 

In the area of Unaccompanied Minors – UMCOR – along with most faith organizations – are included in a conference call each week with officials from FEMA, ICE, DHS, HHS, and the White House Office for Faith-based initiatives.   
Since their detention has been declared a “national security issue” the only persons with access are Dept. Homeland Security and ICE contractors.  NO groups are being given continual access for Spiritual and Emotional Care or visitation.  There has been limited access by our Episcopal leadership.   UMCOR and the Bishops are continuing to pressure our governmental agencies for access to little or no avail.. but we continue to dialogue. The government has clearly stated that the children held in detention facilities have no unmet needs and are not accepting donations of supplies or funding towards their care.

 JFON (Justice for our Neighbors) – which is supported by UMCOR is sending volunteer attorneys to the area on request of the government to help expedite some immigration proceedings with legal representation.   






Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Global Ministries no longer offers accident insurance as of January 2014.  However, there are other great options for your UMVIM team to be insured.  The NorthCentral, SouthEast, and NorthEast UMVIM jurisdiction offices offer accident and medical insurance for UMVIM teams.  Each policy is very good but each vary as to fees and costs.  To register to receive insurance through these UMVIM jurisidictional offices and to learn more about the different insurance plans, please visit the following links:

www.nejumc.org/vim - Northeast Jurisdiction

umvim.org/send_a_team/international/registration_insurance.html - Southeast Jurisdiction

www.umvimncj.org/ncjvim - Northcentral Jurisdiction


We welcome Jennifer and Victor Hammond as the new UMVIM Conference Coordinators for Desert Southwest Conference!  You can reach them at drdoowopp@cox.net.  We are very happy to have them join our UMVIM WJ team!

We also want to lift up the great work and passion that former Desert Southwest UMVIM Conference Coordinators, Chris Spencer and Bill Sanford, brought to UMVIM WJ!!  We thank you Chris and Bill for your service and many efforts on behalf of the volunteers in  Desert Southwest and beyond!  Both Christ and Bill have led and been active in leading teams from the Desert Southwest Conference to Mexico and Central America and building relationships between the churches between the US and these countries.  We are forever grateful for their Christian love in action and they will be missed!!


This is a very active and fluid situation," fire spokesman Chuck Turey said. Mr. Turey is a master of understatement.

In the old days, when a ship had sailed around in a circle, the sailors would say that the ship had "boxed the compass." The wildfires in Eastern Washington seem to be boxing the compass. The uncertainty of not knowing where the fires will head next is perhaps the worst part of the disaster unveiling itself in Eastern Washington and in several other locations in the West.

Here's what we do know:
  • Washington State Emergency Managers report only one fatality related to the fires as of Sunday morning, a firefighter or volunteer.
  • About 150 homes have been destroyed, including the United Methodist parsonage in Pateros.
  • About 200 homes are still threatened.
  • Thousands of acres and hundreds of square miles have been burned.
Click here to read more of Rev. Stanley Norman's updates....



Winston County, MS is in need of volunteer teams to serve in the county and city of Louisville, MS recovering from April's devastating tornado. Hundreds of homes were destroyed. Many that were not destroyed sustained major damage. Teams need to have trained team leaders. To serve contact Jeff Walton, United Methodist Volunteer Coordinator, at 662.617.1077; email jpwalton@hotmail.com. You may contact Rev. Larry Hagard, United Methodist Volunteer Scheduler,  as well at 662.803.5748 or lhd357@bellsouth.net.

Costa Rica, December 27, 2014-January 3, 2015. Spend your new year in Costa Rica! Rice & Means Ministries (Advance #3021052) are seeking volunteers to ring in the New Year while also engaging in missions, including working with children, construction, food ministry and medical opportunities. Price is $800 plus airfare. Please contact Fred Curry at fred@rabmin.org or their website for more information. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Sierra Leone
The Sierra Leona Annual Conference has asked for prayers regarding the spreading of the Ebola virus within their country. If planning a mission or any other travel to Sierra Leone, please consult with the local ministry of health, the CDC and/or the US State Department to stay up-to-date on the latest information.

Dominican Republic/Caribbean
If traveling to the Dominican Republic or the Caribbean, please be aware of a mosquito-born virus that could potentially become a problem. Please consult the State Department for vaccination requirements before traveling abroad and check with the Center for Disease Control as well.

For more information, please check out the following link from Doctors Without Borders.  http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/article/ebola-massive-deployment-needed-fight-epidemic-west-africa

In a joint venture with teams from the Susquehanna Annual Conference and the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference we will be traveling to Salto, Uruguay November 6-18, 2014 for a Volunteers in Mission trip. We will be doing a renovation project with the congregation of the La Cruz Methodist Church in Salto (Northwestern Uruguay). The project entails painting, light construction and some plumbing. There will be ample time to learn about the Rio Del La Platte area and its rich culture. The cost is $2300 per person, which includes airfare from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to Montevideo, Uruguay, hotels, meals and ground transportation. For more information please contact Rev. Miguel Arenas at mh.arenas@live.com or Rev. Dr. Robert Cook at Kerygma5@yahoo.com

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Greetings! I am writing you all to let you know that I will be leading another team to the Holy Land on the above dates. This will be a study tour.  I have been working with Rev. Kristen Brown and with Grace Tours in Bethlehem.
This will be my fourth trip to the Holy Land and my second time serving as Team Leader. When Rev. Kristen Brown and I were discussing and planning for this trip, it was our hope that possibly people who may serve as Delegates to General Conference in 2016 may be interested in participating, as well as Pastors and Lay Leaders. 
However, the trip is open to anyone who would like to gain more knowledge of the situation in the Holy Land as well as to experience the Holy Sites.
We have shortened the length of this trip to 10 days in the hope that possibly more people will be able to attend without having to take as much time off of work as a 14 day trip would require.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the trip. 
*Group open to 24 people
*Cost from the USA is $3000 which includes airfare, food, tips, travel, etc.
*$200 deposit per person due by 11/2014
*Experience the Holy Sites and learn about the history and cultures of the area
*February 9-19, 2015
For more information, please contact Carol at jbcjsc@aol.com or at 712.301.6520.
Shalom and Salaam,
Carol Garwood
1212 Dakota Avenue
Dakota City NE 68731
712-301-6520 (cell)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The UMVIM WJ team has a new addition! We welcome Becky Platt as the new UMVIM Conference Coordinator for the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference! You can connect with Becky about forming a team, team leader trainings, and mission events in your local churches and districts! Her email address is beckplatt1@peoplepc.com.

A major flood hit 7 remote villages along the Yukon River in May 2013. 82 United Methodist volunteers from across the US spent two weeks of their time and skills helping to repair homes in Galena, AK during August and September. The task was far from complete by the time the weather forced them to quit working.

We are going back this summer to complete the job. FEMA has offered free air travel, tools and equipment and the State of Alaska will provide housing and food. The cost to the team member is virtually nothing but time. So far, we have recruited 12-15 volunteers for each of the 12 teams except Team #11 which goes to Galena on Aug. 11th through the 27th. This team has 6 open slots. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about this opportunity, please have them contact me as soon as possible. I’ve attached a list of frequently asked questions that will provide a good overview of the mission.
Jim Truitt
UMVIM Disaster Response Coordinator
PNW Conference United Methodist Church
23441 147th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98042
253-630-1268 (H)
253-797-1680 (C)



Efforts are underway to organize for the many volunteers that will be needed during the long-term recovery and rebuild response in the Great Plains Conference. For current information on how you can respond visit the Great Plains UMC Disaster web page and "like" their facebook page. Inquiries for long-term rebuilding and recovery can be made to disasterresponse@greatplainsumc.org.
Volunteers: There is an urgent call for self sustained and trained Early Response volunteers to assist with feeding and field gleaning in Wakefield, Nebraska. To assist with feeding contact 316-772-6811 and to assist with gleaning contact 402-287-2574.
The June 16th tornado in Pilger follows two recent tornadoes in the Great Plains Conference; Baxter Springs, Kansas on April 27th and Beaver Crossing, Nebraska on May 11th. To assist with recovery and response efforts in these areas please contact umc.dr.baxter@greatplainsumc.org and umc.dr.beaver@greatplainsumc.org respectively.
The Great Plains Conference appreciates the outpouring of prayers, donations, and support, but requests that no further material donations be given at this time. Please remember that financial needs are ongoing and supporters can donate directly to the Great Plains conference disaster response on-line or they can mail checks marked for #975 to the Great Plains Conference, c/o Topeka Office, P.O. Box 4187, Topeka, KS 66604. Donations can also be made on-line through UMCOR to United States Disaster Response #901670
The Alabama-West Florida Conference is accepting volunteers into Walton/Washington Counties (Florida) at this time. Volunteers with skills that meet the recovery needs are welcome.
 Work project: interior work in 12 homes
Housing available and materials will be onsite. A complete project list will be available as teams register.
 Please contact Ben Tarpley at 478-258-7585 to register but please advise Amelia Fletcher, Disaster Response & Recovery Coordinator, of your presence in our conference.
Lafayette County is looking for assistance through Voluntary Agencies to help residents affected by flooding to raise their air conditioning units. If your organization can help with this request, please contact Volunteer Florida. For any additional information regarding this request please contact Sheri Taylor w/ Volunteer Florida directly. 
Sheri Taylor, Emergency Management Coordinator, Volunteer Florida
Mobile: 850-728-3495
For additional information or questions, please contact:
Amelia Fletcher, Disaster Response & Recovery Coordinator
Alabama-West Florida Conference
Office: 251-968-2549,  amelia@gulfshoresumc.org
Other volunteer team opportunities, especially in the Pensacola, FL, and Gulf Shores, AL, areas, will open in mid-July and will be posted on the Alabama-West Florida Conference website, www.awfumc.org/disasterresponse
Youth and young adult team will be serving in Costa Rica in July!  They hail from Rose City UMC in Portland, OR.  The team leader is Julie Fleming and they will be serving at Universidad Bilblica Latin Americana.  For more information email Julie at jfleming4rcpumy@gmail.com.  Keep Julie and this team lifted in prayer!
Bahamas, Eleuthera Island, July 27-Aug 2, 2014. Bahamas Methodist Habitat is looking for helping hands to work on a roofing and sub-standard housing project. A lot of people don't realize that there are many people in need in the Bahamas just beyond the resorts and beautiful beaches. Anyone willing to learn how to hammer is welcome! The cost is $600 per person and food, lodging, construction materials, bus and site leaders, but not airfare. Please email Brenda Thompson for more information at methodisthabitat@gmail.com.
Guatemala. August 2-9, 2014. Team Leader Bill Perry is looking for additional team members to work with indigenous Maya in the Highlands of Guatemala. The trip will include partnering with Mayan families to build improved, fuel-efficient stoves in community homes. The trip cost is $985 + airfare, which includes all meals, transportation, accommodations, translation, service project materials and guidance. No prior experience or skills necessary. Please email Rachel Triplett for more information at rachel@highlandsupportproject.org.
Cuba, September 12-22, 2014. Irwinton Toomsboro Salem Church in the South Georgia Conference is seeking volunteers to work on the Seminary Housing Project in Havana. No construction skills are necessary. The trip cost is $1800. Please contact Mike Burgamy at burgamy@bellsouth.net for more information.

Cuba, September 15-25. Louisiana Volunteers in Mission is sending a team to Cuba for remodeling or rebuilding of a local church or parsonage. Both experienced and new volunteers are welcome regardless of skill level, although experienced carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and electricians are sought after. There will be a job for everyone. For further information please contact Mark Martin at drmrmartin@yahoo.com.
Panama, July 26-August 3, 2014. A medical team from Covenant United Methodist is seeking physicians or physician's assistants for a mission opportunity in Panama to work with the indigenous Ngobe tribe. Please contact Pat Miller at ampmassoc@aol.com for additional information.
Ghana, September 18-26, 2014. A medical team from Getwell Road UMC is seeking a dentist to join their team that will be traveling to Ghana this fall. The cost is $2200, which covers travel and lodging; other expenses are covered by the sending church. Please contact Chris Johnston at christianhj@me.com for additional information.
Sierra Leone, Winter 2014. Women for Women of Sierra Leone is seeking physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants for a healthcare-based trip that will depart late November/early December of this year. WWSL is humanitarian 501(c)(3) organization that works with the U.S. Embassy in Sierra Leone to provide free healthcare. Please visit wwslinc@gmail.com for more information.
El Salvador, March 2-12, 2015. A medical team is seeking doctors, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and optometrists to join their team that will be traveling El Salvador next spring. The cost is $1000 and includes airfare. Please contact. Dr. Brad Middaugh for more information at middaugh@att.net.
Disaster Response
Mississippi Conference. Heavy equipment is needed for debris removal in the Tupelo area, which was impacted by a large tornado on April 28, 2014. Please contact Rev. Darrell Sanderson at 662-231-0075 for more information or to volunteer.
North Alabama Conference. The NAC is in need of individual to volunteer at Multi-Agency Coordination Centers, located in Adamsville, Bessemer and Graysville. Duties would be taking information of needs from Storm Victims, and referring them to the Conference office. It would only take a brief training to be able to help out. Please Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Feist (205-226-7909 or lfeist@umcna.org) with the dates, times and which Center you would prefer serving.
North Carolina Conference. UMVIM Work teams from the Western North Carolina Conference and Virginia Conference are invited to assist in the response to the tornado damage from mid-April. These teams should be lead by persons who have received ERT training or UMVIM Team Leader Training. To volunteer, please contact Ann Huffman at disasterresponse@nccumc.org or call 888-440-9167 or 919-610-8018.
Check out the following link to learn how Warren McGuffin and UMVIM teams are using fishing poles to change lives in Haiti.